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I recently spent an afternoon rummaging through our archives. Looking through old catalogues, brochures and letters from our nearly 40 year history in the jewelry business. I discovered a copy of Boma's company objectives dated 12/25/92. In 1992, I was 8 years old, the same age my eldest daughter is now. It gives me real perspective and inspiration to see how our values have always been relevant and timeless. I won't assume that my kids will be running this company 20 years from now, but if I can help to be a steward to keep our company relevant and sustainable for the next generation and years to come, that is a mission I'll be happily committed to each day.

Above: A copy of Boma's Company Objectives dated 12/25/92

Today at Boma we continue to work on these objectives while sharing in Our Sustainability Journal more examples of the ways we aim to "be honest and ethical" (objective #4), "practice stewardship in the manufacture, marketing, and disposal of our product" (objective #5), "share in the world's responsibility for the protection of the environment" (objective #6) and "make this world a better place for having been in business" (objective #8).

- Suzanne Vetillart, Boma Jewelry CEO

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