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Boma Jewelry Feature in Ecocult

We're so excited about this special piece written by sustainability expert and editor-in-chief of Ecocult, Alden Wicker. In addition to Ecocult Alden writes investigative pieces for New York Magazine, Vox, Vogue Business, Refinery29, Fast Company and many more.

When we first spoke with the Ecocult team we were truly grateful to hear their feedback on the issues within the world of ethical fashion as they truly have their hand on the pulse of this ever-evolving and very murky industry. 

If you are curious to learn more about ethical fashion and what the latest news is, we recommend these top 5 articles written by Alden for various publications as a wonderful starting point!


Top 5 Articles on Ethical Fashion

#1. Vox | Fashion has a misinformation problem. That's bad for the environment 

#2. Vogue BusinessFashion's growing interest in recycling clothing 

#3. Refinery29Relax. Sustainable Fashion is easier than you think

#4. Inc. Magazine | The Future of leather is growing in a New Jersey Lab -- No animals needed

#5. Newsweek | Fast Fashion is creating an environmental crisis



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