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Interview with Dr. Carly J. Roman and Our CEO

Recently our CEO had a virtual sit down with Dr. Carly J. Roman, a Board-Certified Dermatologist who practices at Modern Dermatology in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle. At Boma, we wanted to hear from an expert in the field and learn more about the potential causes, irritants and allergy-causing agents that we all might be exposing ourselves to every time we put our jewelry on.


3 Questions We Always Hear from our Jewelry Customers

From our experience we know that many woman suffer from metal allergies and only discover these allergies and sensitivities the hard way. We asked Dr. Carly these 3 important questions that help inform all women in order to keep their skin healthy and protected when wearing jewelry.

Boma Jewelry Nickel-free

1. What are the most common jewelry allergies?

 Nickel. Most women suffer from what is called allergic contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) from nickel. It is projected that 20% of people are actually allergic to nickel and it is actually caused from repeated exposure. You may a piece of jewelry with nickel that you do not have a reaction to, but wearing everyday over time can cause you to increase or develop a reaction over time.


Boma jewelry Skin Health

2. What are the most common metal allergies from jewelry for women?

The most common metal allergies are attributed to nickel, cobalt and gold. Yes, women can be allergic to gold and while it’s recommended that you wear a higher purity of gold if you are truly sensitive to it, you should avoid wearing it. 

 Boma Jewelry Green Skin

3. Why do some women get green skin from their jewelry? 

This is caused for different reasons to allergies. A reaction of getting green skin is not the same category as metal allergies. Normally green skin is usually caused by residues of metals that are on your skin and react with sweat, lotions or creams. Usually it can be attributed to costume jewelry that’s made cheaply where there is less control on the additives or the exposure of additives in the jewelry making process.


Boma Jewelry

Lastly, we focus on jewelry made with sterling silver. What are the benefits or concerns in wearing sterling silver jewelry?

Silver has no negative health consequences, it is used in dental and orthopedic uses in medicine due to its antimicrobial properties. Silver metal is naturally antimicrobial, which means it’s not bacteria creating.

 Dr Carly Roman

Learn more about Modern Dermatology:

Website  |  Dr Carly Roman's Instagram  |  Modern Dermatology Instagram 


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