What does Boma stand for?

A lot of people ask me where does the name Boma come from? Boma was founded by my Dad, Boon over 37 years ago. The “bo” in Boma comes from his name. My Dad was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and traveled to the United States to study at the University of Washington in Seattle. When he was born his parents gave him his name because it represents health and wealth, things they wished very much for him and his life. Interestingly boon is also an english word that means to be thankful for, a blessing or benefit.

When I think about what Boma stands for I think about its history and consistency. Since 1981 we have been one of the largest silver jewelry manufacturers in North America and we’ve sold over 35 million pieces of jewelry to date and counting. In our archives, we have a jewelry library of over 30,000 jewelry styles, each which represents a single piece that was sculpted and carved into wax or solid silver and forged into a unique, glittering pieces of jewelry.

When I think about what Boma stands for I also think about quality. One of the core differences of our company is that we have been invested and a supporter to our makers, the hundreds of people who make our jewelry everyday for over 25 years. True quality in jewelry making comes from the skills of the artisans behind each piece of jewelry. This is a skill that can’t be rushed or simply bought, it has to be nurtured and supported year after year with consistency and dedication.

When I think about what Boma stands for I think about the creativity of our design. Our family name is a very long Thai name made up of 15 letters. I have to admit that I was ten when I finally learned to spell it in full. C-H-A-Y-A-V-I-C-H-I-T-S-I-L-P. What it means is radiant artist and we are fortunate to have several artists and designers in our family who have a deep appreciation for the arts and design. While my Dad studied to be an engineer, my Grandfather was a portrait photographer who had his own photo studio in Bangkok. When I lived in Bangkok I met random people who recognized my last name and told me stories about visiting my Grandfather’s photo studio. Jewelry making is our specialty and it is a true artisan craft. It begins with a trained jewelry designer’s hand sketch in pencil, which is then interpreted by a master mold maker who carves the design into wax. Many of our mold makers have been making our Boma jewelry for over 15, 20+ years.

History, consistency, quality and creativity in design is what Boma stands for and what we are dedicated to for the future. We owe this all to the amazing people in our Boma team. Our dedicated team of makers, designers, silversmiths and administrative people have carried our company through all these years. I am fortunate to have known many of these people for over 30 years some of them have watched me since I was crawling on the floor in our stockrooms. As the head of Boma company today I am incredibly thankful for this blessing to be a part of Boma and look forward to a long future of health and wealth for Boma.