Boma New Earrings Whale Tale RingBoma New Earrings Whale Tale Ring

Whale Tail Ring

Boma New Earrings Cosmic RingBoma New Earrings Cosmic Ring

Cosmic Ring

Boma New Earrings Heart Signet RingBoma New Earrings 6 Heart Signet Ring

Heart Signet Ring

boma new earring sterling silver with white mother of pearl boma new-earrings 14K gold vermeil with turquoise,belle crescen studs

Belle Crescent Studs

From $32
Boma New Necklaces Sunflower NecklaceBoma New Necklaces Sunflower Necklace

Sunflower Necklace

boma new gold earring waning moon with turquoise stone  studsboma new gold earring waning moon with turquoise stone  studs

Waning Moon Studs

Lucia Double Chain Bracelet14K Gold Vermeil Lucia Double Chain Bracelet

Lucia Double Chain Bracelet

From $40
Boma New Earrings Rose Flower NecklaceBoma New Earrings Rose Flower Necklace

Rose Flower Necklace

boma new- Bead chain 16" , Sterling Silver necklace,chain 16 inchboma new- gold vermeil 16" bead chain necklace

Bead Chain

From $43
boma new- Sterling Silver Cable Chain Boma New Necklaces 18" / 14K Gold Vermeil Cable Chain

Cable Chain

From $50
boma new- sterling silver orion fan necklaceboma new- 14k gold vermeil orion fan necklace

Orion Fan Necklace


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