Vintage Silvestra Cuff

Dimensions : Approx. 1/8" depth x 7/8" width x 2 4/8" diameter gap 1 6/8"

How is Boma's Jewelry both sustainable and affordable?

Isn't it impossible to be both? We agree with you, it is super confusing. In most cases, it's truly challenging for any new company to make the claim to be both sustainable and affordable. Boma is different because we built our factory over 35 years ago and we control our whole process from sourcing our precious metals to shipping it to you. Our investment in our facilities and investment began many decades ago and we slowly improved or ethical and sustainable practices over those 35 years to be where we are today. It's a lot of hard work that happens over a lifetime which is why most companies today cannot make the same claim to be both sustainable and affordable.

No Traditional Retail Markups + Sustainability

While there are brands out there that advertise "no traditional retail markups" they still source their products from a manufacturer, mark it up and sell it to you. When we talk about how we treat our workers and the safety and ethical practices in place, that's us doing the hard work behind the scenes. We not only pass on the value in dollars to you with our pricing, we also pass the value of our ethical and sustainable practices so that you know that the jewelry you buy from us is made with honesty and kindness for people and planet. Even companies like Patagonia admit that it's hard to control the wages paid to the workers who make their products because they don't have this level of control. (Read more). 

Boma is a Social-Purpose Corporation

We're serious about sustainability and that's why we are registered as a Benefit-Corporation. This means that we are legally obligated to consider  social and environmental issues into our decision making not only generating profit and growth at all costs. (Source). 



THE BOMA GIRL FUND The Boma Girl Fund was created in 2016 to formally donate funds to programs created specifically for the workers and families and communities of the artisans and craftspeople who make our jewelry each day. Originally it was intended as a fund exclusively for girls and women but has grown to be inclusive of all children, spouses and extended family members.

HOW IT WORKS Each year Boma commits annual funds for programs that include: education scholarships, book drives, family and community events and wellness activities for workers. Since its inception, Boma has a goal to increase funds year over year by 15%.

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