Boma New Earrings Essential Pull Through HoopsEssential Pull Through Hoops

Essential Pull Through Hoops

From $20
boma new Safety Pin Earringsboma new  Gold vermeil Safety Pin Earrings

Safety Pin Earrings

From $32
Boma New -Sterling Silver with14K Gold Vermeil Dot Hoops .7"Boma New -Sterling Silver Dot Hoops .7"

Dot Hoops .7"

From $24
hypoallergenic gold hoopshypoallergenic earrings

Aiko Hoops 1.2"

From $20
Boma New- Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Vermeil Dot Hoops 5"Boma New- Sterling Silver Dot Hoops .5"

Dot Hoops .5"

From $18
Sterling Silver Hoop  Earring Gold Hoop with 14K Gold Vermeil
Sold out

Aiko Gold Hoops 1.5"

From $20
boma new hoop earringboma new hoop earring

Meela Hoops


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