Fine Vs Fake

Fine vs. Fashion Jewelry

3 simple but important things every girl should be aware of when buying her jewelry

No. 1


Beware of potential health risks when wearing cheap, fast fashion jewelry.

Most consumers are unaware of the potential toxins and chemicals that might be in your jewelry. New research from The Ecology Center found toxic chemicals in low-cost children's and adult jewelry from Claire's, Target and Forever 21 including lead and cadmium (a known carcinogen).

Source: The Ecology Center


No. 2


Look for nickel-free jewelry.

Always check to make sure your jewelry is nickel free. Nickel is a known irritant and skin allergy causing material.

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No. 3


Know your metals and how to differentiate between precious metals used for fine jewelry and base metals used for fashion jewelry.

Precious metals like gold and silver are considered to be high-end valuables. Base metals such as brass, cooper, steel are industrial commodities. Knowing whether your jewelry is made with precious metals or base metals is the first step to being a conscious jewelry buyer and making sure you are getting the real deal.

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