Who Is Boma?

Founded in Seattle in 1981

Family-owned business



    • Question: What is Boma’s story?
    • Answer: Boma was founded by my parents almost 40 years ago. They built Boma to be one of the largest silver jewelry companies in North America and today Boma is found in thousands of independent stores across America. Because we’ve focused on making, craftsmanship and service we have not shared our unique story with the public until recently. We own and manage our production facilities in Bangkok, Thailand and work with our team like a family. Many of the silversmiths, artisans and workers that make our jewelry have known me since I was a little girl and I’m proud that from one generation to the next we are creating a legacy for creating beautiful handmade things.

  • Question: What makes Boma different?
  • Answer: We’ve been dedicated to quality craftsmanship for many decades now. We know the makers, craftsmens and silversmiths who make our jewelry personally and we’ve built our company to support them in their careers for life. We are in a unique position to share the story of our process and our worker’s personal stories so that they can understand the value and real people working to make each piece of jewelry.

  • Question: Where is Boma going?
  • Answer: We are moving into higher standards of green manufacturing each year and have a vision to set the highest standards in our industry. Building from our foundation of quality craftsmanship, we want to be the industry’s example of ethical, sustainable and transparent jewelry making. Today many people are not aware of the quality of their jewelry. They are not informed about the cheap materials, toxic chemicals, low wages for workers and unsafe working conditions that make their cheap jewelry possible.

  • Question: Tell us about yourself.
  • Answer: I have always loved storytelling. Today at Boma I’m blessed to work with an amazing team who shares the same passion for storytelling. Through creativity and innovation, we are telling our deeply personal story that makes us different from others. Before joining Boma, I studied architecture in New York City and worked in design practices in the USA, Singapore and Thailand. My husband and I have four kids and enjoy traveling the world.