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Our goal is to be the bright side of what happens when a company commits itself to sustainability for the long-term.  In 1985, our founders built our factory in Bangkok, Thailand where we continue to make all of our jewelry to this day.

Slowly over decades, we've made improvements and strides in our social and environmental practices and continue to do so today through our Environmental Management Systems (EMS). When you find a rare company like ours, we hope you'll join us in being more curious and demanding more from the companies and products you buy everyday.

It doesn't take a lot to make a big impact.

Your impact can begin with a single purchase. See how $18 goes back into people and planet.

Every purchase for

People + Planet

We reinvest back into people and planet through programs and partnerships that are deeply related to our industry, community and projects that are important to our customers.

1.5 days of wages for one of our artisans

20 books donated by the Boma Girl Fund

4.25 mangrove trees planted

2,424.60 lbs of co2 offset with Carbon Click

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