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In reading about Project Drawdown, it's incredible to read that among the top 10 solutions to reverse global warming as reported by Team Project Drawdown is the #6 solution which is Educating Girls. According to their research, girl's education has a dramatic bearing on global warming. 

"Across low-income countries, there is a strong link between women and the natural systems at the heart of family and community life. Women often and increasingly play roles as stewards and managers of food, soil, trees and water. As educated girls become educated women, they can fuse inherited traditional knowledge with new information accessed through the written word."

This shows how deeply interconnected the world is. Education of girls has a higher ranking of combating climate change than solar farms which is ranked at #8 for example. For our company this supports our vision to think about making positive change in a holistic way. 

The Boma Girl Fund was created in 2016 to formally donate funds to programs created specifically for the workers and families and communities of the artisans and craftspeople who make our jewelry each day. Originally it was intended as a fund exclusively for girls and women but has grown to be inclusive of all children, spouses and extended family members.



Each year Boma commits annual funds for programs that include: education scholarships, book drives, family and community events and wellness activities for workers. Since its inception, Boma has a goal to increase funds year over year by 15%.


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