Our Mission

As a jewelry company we create to make all women look good and feel good. But equally important is our responsibility to do good for our customers, our workers and the environment. Our mission is to be the leader in ethical silver through our long term commitment to our makers and artisans, our transparency in how we do things and open communication with our customers to continually do good for all. 


Boma Girl Fund

Each year we raise money to fund social and community-based programs for the workers and families who make our jewelry everyday. These programs include annual traditions like our Reading Awareness and Book Giving Day, Kids & Family Day and education scholarships.


Our Story

Boma Jewelry was founded in 1981 in Seattle, Washington. Since our humble beginnings we've sold over 35 million pieces of jewelry to date and counting and our jewelry is worn by millions of women across America each day. 


Today we are committed to being a leader in ethical silver and I look forward to bring you all into our process and for the first time share the stories of our makers, artisans and silversmiths.

XO, Suzanne | Boma Jewelry CEO