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Our nearly 40-year-old family-owned business is in a timely position to take immediate action and address the elephant in the room. Simply put, the old way of doing things, a race for profits that turns a blind eye to the true environmental and human cost of doing business is no longer the way to set a vision for a company with a lasting future.

In order to tackle these large problems in our industry, we believe it takes an efficient and mature company to do so. With our expertise and history, we have a great head start and we are actively researching and developing different strategies to improve from our established standards.

There is no silver bullet or shortcuts to sustainability. In many ways we are proud of the areas where we perform highly, namely workers safety, wages and benefits however we still have a lot to improve on. In the next 3 years we aim to proactively work to offset our scope 1 emissions and work to be on the path to climate positivity by switching to renewable energies at our factory and working with local communities in Southeast Asia to plant mangroves.

Boma Jewelry | Planting Mangroves

Mangrove forests are ecosystems that lie at the confluence of freshwater rivers and salty seas. While they make up only 0.7 percent of the world's forests, they have the potential to store about 2.5 times as much CO2 as humans produce globally each year (Source).

As a second generation owner of a family-run business and Mother of four young children, I naturally think of the impact of our decisions today for future generations to come. The future for Boma is to overcome the focus on short-term goals with a commitment to setting long-term sustainable goal that will matter for our children’s generation and beyond. To read more on our sustainability efforts visit our Our Blog for the latest news and updates.

Suzanne Vetillart | CEO


Passionate about Sustainability and want to know more? Read our Environmental Management System Report which outlines our vision and detailed approach to sustainability for the next 3 years  HERE.



+ Conflict-Free Materials Policy

+ Code of Ethics

+ No Chemicals List




We believe the best way for us to make the most impact in our approach to sustainability is partnering with movements and communities that collectively have great impact. Joining with these larger movements allows us to be continually educated and informed on what we can be doing as a business that takes sustainability seriously. Some of the following memberships and communities that we are associated with include:


+ B-Corporations

+ The American Sustainable Business Council

Sustainable Fashion Alliance


+ Lift Economy - Next Economy MBA



If you have questions on our sustainable and ethical practices please email us at to find out more.





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