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May 2024 Gift Guide to Celebrate AAPI Month

Boma Jewelry Blog Suzanne and Family

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with Sustainable and Family-Owned Brands

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to honor the rich history, culture, and contributions of the AAPI community in shaping the fabric of our society. At Boma Jewelry, a sustainable B Corp-certified jewelry brand proudly rooted in our own AAPI heritage, we believe in celebrating this month with pride and intentionality. This year, we're excited to highlight not only our commitment to sustainability and ethical craftsmanship but also to shine a spotlight on other AAPI-owned brands that share our values.

Boma Jewelry: A Commitment to Sustainability and Culture

As a family-owned business with deep ties to our Thai-Chinese and Japanese Asian heritage, Boma Jewelry integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern, eco-friendly practices. We proudly use recycled precious metals in the making of our jewelry and are committed to high social standards for the jewelry makers who create our jewelry.

Boma Jewelry Founders in 1981

(Above: pictures from Boma Jewelry founder's beginning the company in Seattle, WA in 1981).

Why Is It Important to Celebrate AAPI Month?

As AAPI Heritage Month becomes more mainstream and popularized, it's a great opportunity for each of us to find our own way to celebrate it the way that suits us best. Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month can be a month to acknowledge and elevate the significant roles that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders play in all sectors of our society. Another way to celebrate the month is through supporting AAPI-owned and getting curious about the people and faces behind the brands and companies we love.

In embracing these values and supporting AAPI-owned businesses, we strengthen community ties and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable world. Discover more about our practices and explore our collections at Boma Jewelry, where every piece tells a story of heritage and responsibility.

Boma Jewelry Onigiri Sushi Earring Stud

Onigiri Earring Studs - The Story Behind the Designs

The onigiri sushi earrings represent a personal story of growth and acceptance for me. I remember being in elementary school and being absolutely mortified when my Japanese Mom packed me onigiris (rice and seaweed) in my lunch box one day. I loved eating these at home, but I was too embarrassed to eat this strange looking and weird smelling food in front of my friends. I remember wishing that I just a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich like everyone else.

Cut to today, my children love eating onigiris and are quite proud to show off to their friends that their grandma makes this delicious treat for them. Looking back, I wish I had more courage when I was younger to enjoy what made me different and to embrace my culture and background. I'm inspired when I see how much change happens in a short amount of time and I love seeing my daughters wear these earrings with pride. Boma making these onigiri earring studs for whoever resonates with them is a reminder to be yourself fully and not be afraid or embarrassed of what you love and what makes you different.

Boma Jewelry Gift Ideas to Celebrate AAPI Month 


Boma Jewelry Earrings Happy Boba Tea Studs

Boma Jewelry Earrings Happy Bao Stud EarringsBoma Jewelry Earrings Happy Bao Stud Earrings

Boma Jewelry Earrings Happy Ramen Studs
This AAPI Heritage Month, Boma Jewelry is delighted to feature a collection of designs that celebrate Asian heritage with a playful and meaningful twist. Among our most recommended pieces are the charming Happy Bao Earring Studs and the whimsical Happy Ramen Earrings Studs, each made with sterling silver.
Boma Jewelry Necklaces +Harmony Jade Necklace
Additionally, we spotlight our exquisite selection of jewelry featuring green stones, such as jade and peridot, which are highly esteemed in many Asian cultures for their beauty and symbolic significance of harmony, good health, and prosperity. These pieces not only make a stylish statement but also honor the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of the AAPI community, making them perfect for those looking to celebrate their heritage or show solidarity during this special month.
Boma Jewelry Treasured Bi-disc Pendant
This AAPI Month, we celebrate our roots and the cultural influences that shape our unique designs, reflecting the beauty and diversity of Asian and Pacific Islander traditions by highlighting and sharing some of our favorite AAPI-owned sustainable brands and favorite products:

AAPI-Owned Sustainable Brands to Support

Yobo Soju

Yobo Soju Founders
The Yobo Spirit House is on a mission to elevate the Korean American Spirit. Founded in 2015 by Carolyn Kim, lawyer and mother of twins, the Yobo Spirit House portfolio includes LUXE, named the #1 soju by Tasting Table.
The first bottle of Yobo was created in the New York Finger Lakes along Seneca Lake. While its origin is Korean, its identity is a fusion of Korean and American cultures, a balance between heritage and home, of homage and exploration, and of tradition and invention. As a brand, we celebrate that which makes each of us unique and diverse.


Lulumiere is a Seattle-based candle company founded by Linda Takano, exemplifying the excellence of AAPI-owned businesses in the craft and wellness industry. Known for its meticulous craftsmanship, Lulumiere specializes in hand-poured, small-batch candles made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Each candle is crafted to provide a clean, long-lasting burn, featuring unique blends of essential oils that offer soothing, aromatic experiences. What sets Lulumiere apart is Linda Takano's commitment to quality and sustainability, paired with a deep respect for traditional practices that reflect her Thai, AAPI heritage (think: soothing eucalyptus and thyme). We love the Gem Collection, a perfect, thoughtful gift for Mother's Day or something special just for you.

Boma Jewelry Blog Lulumiere Gem Collection

Stick with Me Sweets

Stick With Me Sweets, an AAPI-owned gourmet chocolate brand based in New York, is renowned for its exquisite handcrafted bonbons. Founded by Susanna Yoon, whose expertise was honed at Per Se, this brand elevates chocolate to an art form. Each bonbon is meticulously hand-painted, showcasing a dazzling array of designs and encapsulating flavors that are as complex as they are delicious.

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with Stick With Me Sweets not only indulges your taste buds but also supports a business that embodies innovation, dedication, and the rich cultural heritage of its founder. This commitment to excellence and authenticity makes Stick With Me Sweets a standout company worthy of exploration and appreciation. We absolutely love the 12-piece Bonbon box that comes with the Chef's selection of favorite bonbons that you get to taste and discover.


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