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We hear from women everyday who have struggled to find jewelry that's affordable and trusted and doesn't hurt your skin. We usually hear common themes and similarities in their experiences. We're sharing their feedback in hopes that it helps women to know what to look for and what to avoid in their jewelry.



  • 🤷‍♀️Being confused that the jewelry they bought wasn't actually fine jewelry - All Boma Jewelry is either sterling silver or gold vermeil which is the most accessible entry into fine jewelry.
  • Not knowing their jewelry could be harmful - All Boma Jewelry is guaranteed to be made with sterling silver (925 silver). See an example of one of our assay tests that prove the components of precious metals in our jewelry here.
  • 😖Not realizing they had a skin allergy to metals (most often it is an allergy to brass, stainless steel or nickel) - All Boma Jewelry is nickel-free and our jewelry is made with precious metals, namely silver and gold.



"I'm really allergic to anything that is not high-quality sterling silver or gold and they don't irritate my ears at all. I work with children and I get compliments from kids and parents alike!" - JW

"Love these earrings, and Boma brand in particular. As someone who is allergic to gold, I have to utilize sterling silver for any costume jewelry. I get a lot of compliments on these earrings and wear them almost daily. They are the right size for pretty stud earrings that have a little something extra to them. I will continue to purchase Boma jewelry in the future. I haven't had any discoloration or build up on these earrings since I've purchased them." - AB

"They are beautiful. Don’t hurt my very sensitive ears at all. Very happy. " - MA

"Love these earrings and wear them almost everyday. I get compliments often. I cant wear anything but studs in my line of work and these are beautiful and different from the same old stud earrings. They are legit silver and hasn't irritated my ears at all." - JM

"They're a great size, even sleep-able, and they don't irritate my ears at all. I have a lot of cheap earrings for fun, and I will often wear these to give my holes a rest from low-grade metals." - AB

"I wear them everyday and there’s no tarnish and my ears don’t hurt at all." - CK

"These were for my daughter who loves them. I keep wanting to steal them. They are beautiful and have great detail. Will probably buy another pair. They are genuine silver and have caused no irritation to her ears." -GB

"The earrings are delicate, so you have to be careful when putting them on and taking them off. However, when you wear them, they are very comfortable as if you are not wearing any earrings at all. I store the earrings in a small plastic bag so they won't tarnish. If they would also come in a larger size I would buy another pair. - DS

"Very pretty, so far they haven't irritated my ears." -MC

"Love these. Not a big jewelry fan but these are understated and beautiful. They make enough of a subtle statement to be a sweet discovery but don't overpower your beautiful look to steal the show. Love them." - CS

"Beautiful craftsmanship and very high quality." Lovely! - BM

"Love these earrings! 100% sterling silver and I can tell! Usually I buy a pair of earrings that say sterling silver and within a few hours my ears are red and inflamed. I have been wearing these all day and haven’t had had any issues!! I bought them because I have a small necklace that I wear that has a similar design and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the match!!" -TH






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Ishblel Burns


Ishblel Burns


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