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Tips to Avoid Buying Toxic Jewelry

Knowledge really is power. We believe being an informed consumer begins with transparency, a value very important to us at Boma. From start to finish you can rest assured that all pieces are carefully crafted from precious materials, ethically-sourced. You’ll find a hallmark label of 925 on every piece, affirming its authenticity. 

We celebrate the behind the scenes at Boma because we are proud to offer you quality, and showing you what’s really going on is how we show our care for you, as our valued customers. Part of that care is sharing facts about the industry we are a part of so you too can be in the know. How can you too spot toxic jewelry on the market today? 

What we know: the jewelry industry cuts corners on quality materials in order to supply our modern day commercial demand. Base metals are mixed instead for budget fashion jewelry. The problem? The science behind base metal alloys shows these compounds are toxic and harmful to our health & skin. 

What to watch for:

That brassy finish…

You know when brassy is a bad thing? Like that one bad hair color we had when all we wanted was summer highlights. You get the idea. When wondering whether all that glitters really is gold--or genuine sterling silver with gold vermeil--the easiest way to know is by the hallmark stamp. Genuine gold also tends to glow over time, not with a brassy glare. Brassy is also a metallic scent, which won’t be characteristic of genuine pieces. 

That residue on the skin…

We’ve all experienced the dull gray or black under a favorite cheap ring worn for too long--or ever overnight! Genuine materials will not leave this sort of residue behind. It is natural for our skin’s and the environment’s residue to gather on jewelry, but this can be easily wiped off with a cleaning cloth and isn’t connected to the authentic composition of the piece itself. 

That green tint…

What is that about? As a kid it was annoying, as an adult, it’s concerning. Green does tend to mean...well, poisonous, right? The good news is, your fingers will likely survive, but the green does come from chemical reactions to the copper likely in that ring. There are tips on how to coat your jewelry with clear nail polish to protect against the green, but we stand by purchasing better quality jewelry to avoid the issue altogether. Unless you have a debut as the Hulk, Grinch, or Elphaba from Wicked coming up…

That skin allergy…

If you do experience discomfort from jewelry you are wearing in the form of itchiness or skin rash, please stop wearing it! Clearly your body is telling you what you need to know. The discounted cost really isn’t worth discomfort at any time. Thankfully you’ll find genuine precious materials hypoallergenic and totally safe for every wear. Seek out those hallmark labels to assure that quality and then #glowup!

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