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Project Drawdown


We recently began reading about Project Drawdown, a movement founded by environmentalist Paul Hawken. For a jewelry company, it seems a bit drastic to write about such lofty issues like climate change in our very first blog posts but I think it helps to give some background to how we're thinking about the future of our company.

As we plan for the next 1, 3 and 5 years we're imagining the future of our industry in a way that brings more transparency, more awareness and more consciousness to how we do things. And where and how we guide those decisions is largely based on our vision and beliefs in the changes we are facing.

Boma is setting out an ambitious future where we rethink everything about our process. From how our industry is negatively impacting people, place and planet to small changes that we can make immediately that are in our immediate control.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by climate change and feel hopeless that we individually can actually make real change, Project Drawdown helps to breakdown highly impactful solutions that oftentimes feel too large, too abstract and make them digestible for us all. Below are the top 10 solutions Project Drawdown has identified. In their book they share and summarize over 100 solutions.

Watch a TED talk by Project Drawdown Vice President, Chad Frischmann where he highlights that 8 of the top 10 highly impactful solutions revolve around our diet and how we use land to provide for our food industry. The #1 solution and single most impactful solution is surprisingly refrigeration management. 

We look forward to continue to share our ideas and ways that we're adopting solutions from Project Drawdown directly into our business to move the needle on a more positive action in achieving drawdown.

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