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This week the most powerful business leaders in the world met in Davos, Switzerland at The World Economic Forum 2020. The co-CEO of Salesforce, Mark  Benioff shared with the press:

His remarks echo the conclusions many in the B-Corporation community have long understood and worked to change. Boma is currently in the process of being assessed by B-Lab for B-Corp certification. In the process of reaching this milestone we've discovered a community and network of values-driven leaders who are incredibly inspiring. Part of this community are key players like Ryan Honeyman, who Boma has been fortunate to work with and Lift Economy. Next month, Boma's leadership will take part in Lift Economy's, Next Economy MBA.


What is a Next Economy MBA?

Traditional MBA programs can cost in excess of $100k-150k for a two year degree. The team at Lift Economy have been working with hundreds of social enterprises who are today building the Next Economy. The Next Economy MBA teaches entrepreneurs the things they should know in order to be prepared for the future of business while addressing topics that no other MBA program in the world teaches such as: comprehensive strategies to reverse climate change, regenerative finance, racial justice and the gift economy. Learn more HERE.


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