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Boma Motherhood Pendant Necklace, in 925 silver, with certified 925 tag

Remember those family road trips, with that quintessential truck stop break, store trinkets included? There, next to keychains with state flowers & mottos, were the “sterling silver” rings, necklaces, and bracelets. We would each imagine which looked best on us, not necessarily paying attention to quality or price. This jewelry had the magic of adventure about it, though looking back, may or may not have been authentic sterling silver. 

We were too young to know the facts then, but these days a consciousness about materials in our jewelry is definitely important. So what exactly is sterling silver, 925, and why does it matter? 

Sterling Silver is a silver alloy distinguished by its weight of 92.5% by silver, combined with 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Pure silver on its own is too soft to design with, so copper is added for hardness. The purity of sterling silver is both safe and long lasting, making it the core material for Boma Jewelry since 1981. 

From its beginnings in the 80s, Boma’s commitment to quality, nontoxic materials set the precedent that 925 silver would never give way to base metals. Base metal alloys are often used in the jewelry industry to cheapen costs with dangerous toxic results.

In the years that followed, Boma quickly became the leading retailer of handcrafted sterling silver in the U.S. We’ve had the joy of supporting the careers of artisans and silversmiths with incredible talent and dedication to conscious production. 

Now in 2019, we continue to use only recycled and mine-free silver because Boma has also always believed in absolutely ethically-sourced materials. Each Boma design includes a 925 charm that we are proud of, and that you can always rely on.


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