Boma New Earrings Sterling Silver Belle Mini Ball StudBoma New-Earrings 14K Gold Vermeil Belle Mini Ball Studs

Belle Mini Ball Stud

From $18
Boma New Earrings Essential Pull Through HoopsBoma New Earrings Sterling Silver Essential Pull Through Hoops

Essential Pull Through Hoops

From $20
Rainbow Color StudsBoma New Earrings Rainbow Color Studs

Rainbow Color Studs

Boma New Earrings Safety Pin EarringsSafety Pin Earrings

Safety Pin Earrings

From $32
Sterling Silver Dragon StudsSterling Silver Dragon Studs

Dragon Studs

Boma New Earrings Sunflower StudsBoma New Earrings Sunflower Studs

Sunflower Studs

Boma New Earrings Skeleton StudsSkeleton Studs

Skeleton Studs

Leaf Ear CrawlersLeaf Ear Crawlers

Leaf Ear Crawlers

Boma New-Sterling Silver Dot Bar Studs EarringsBoma New-Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Vermeil Dot Bar Studs Earrings

Dot Bar Studs

From $24
Boma New Earrings Sterling Silver Belle Bar Studsboma jewelry-14k god vermeil Belle bar studs

Belle Bar Studs

From $28
Boma New Earrings Sterling Silver Belle Circle StudsBoma New Earrings 14K Gold Vermeil Belle Circle Studs

Belle Circle Studs

From $28
boma new - 14K gold vermeil  Short Bar Studsboma new - Sterling Silver Short Bar Studs

Short Bar Studs

From $28
Boma New- Sterling Silver Dot Hoops .5" Boma New- Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Vermeil Dot Hoops 5"

Dot Hoops .5"

From $18
Dinosaur StudsDinosaur Earrings
Boma Jewelry Earrings Pipette HoopsBoma Jewelry Gold Earrings Pipette Hoops

Pipette Hoops

Leaf Pull Through HoopsLeaf Pull Through Hoops

Leaf Pull Through Hoops

Boma New Bracelets Sterling Silver Lucia Double Chain Bracelet14K Gold Vermeil Lucia Double Chain Bracelet

Lucia Double Chain Bracelet

From $40
hypoallergenic gold hoopshypoallergenic earrings

Aiko Hoops 1.2"

From $20
Boma New -Sterling Silver Dot Hoops .7"Boma New -Sterling Silver with14K Gold Vermeil Dot Hoops .7"

Dot Hoops .7"

From $24
Parel Mini HuggiesParel Mini Huggies

Parel Mini Huggies

From $42
Lotus Flower StudsLotus Flower Studs

Lotus Flower Studs

Gold Huggie EarringsSilver Huggie Earrings

Huggie Hoops

From $26
Belle Dot RingBoma New Rings 5 Belle Dot Ring

Belle Dot Ring

boma new silver Planet Studsboma new silver Planet Studs

Planet Studs

Boma New Earrings Aiko Hoops 1.8"Silver hoop- Aiko earrings 1.8 inch

Aiko Hoops 1.8"

Sterling Silver Hoop  Earring Gold Hoop with 14K Gold Vermeil

Aiko Gold Hoops 1.5"

From $20

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