14k gold vermeil with Pearl pendant Necklaceboma jewelry  Pearl Necklace

Vermeer Pearl Necklace

From $52
Parel Double Pearl NecklaceParel Double Pearl Necklace

Parel Double Pearl Necklace

From $64
boma new silver pearl necklaceBoma New Necklaces 14K Gold Vermeil Parel Pearl Necklace

Parel Pearl Necklace

From $39
boma new -14k gold vermeil aveta necklaceboma new -silver necklaces aveta

Aveta Necklace

From $58
boma new- gold vermeil 16" bead chain necklace boma new- Bead chain 16" , Sterling Silver necklace,chain 16 inch

Bead Chain

From $43
Boma New Necklaces 18" / 14K Gold Vermeil Cable Chainboma new- Sterling Silver Cable Chain

Cable Chain

From $38
boma new silver chain necklace boma new  silver chain necklace

Luxe Chain

From $42
Boma New- Sterling Silver Compass NecklaceBoma New- Sterling Silver Compass Necklace

Compass Necklace

Boma New Necklaces Sunflower NecklaceBoma New Necklaces Sunflower Necklace

Sunflower Necklace

Two Birds NecklaceTwo Birds Necklace

Two Birds Necklace

Semi-Circle NecklaceSemi-Circle Necklace

Semi-Circle Necklace

boma new Mountainside Necklaceboma new Mountainside Necklace

Mountainside Necklace

boma new- 14k gold vermeil orion fan necklaceboma new- sterling silver orion fan necklace

Orion Fan Necklace

Boma Jewelry-Necklaces 14K Gold Vermeil Belle Mini Dot NecklacesBoma New- Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Belle Mini Dot Necklaces

Belle Mini Dot Necklace

$30 $40
boma new-Be the change silver necklaceboma new-be the change  silver necklace,open circle sterling silver neckace

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