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For decades Boma has been a trusted jewelry source for millions across America. We are committing to making a positive impact in the way we source, create and develop our products. And beyond this, we believe that our business has the means to make a positive impact for our workers, customers, communities and our planet. Boma Jewelry has outlined our values into a code of conduct that guides our business values, vision and mission.



We aim to be the trusted, ethical company that leads by example through clarity, transparency and providing more insights into our industry than any other source on the market. We aim to be a model for bringing awareness to both the ugly and beautiful sides to what we do in a process that moves us towards always improving, always doing things better for all. We are committed to all our stakeholders: whether they are our workers, our customers, our communities or our planet.



  • Being a fair, equal opportunity employer that provides opportunities
  • Continuing our legacy to especially provide opportunities to newly immigrated immigrants
  • Providing career development opportunities within our workforce to nurture sustainable, long-term careers
  • Providing a respectful working environment where all workers feel empowered and heard


  • Highlighting our existing customer’s problems and working to be a trusted problem solver
  • Highlighting our industry’s problems while showing what we are doing to solve these problems
  • Clarifying the confusion between fast fashion jewelry and fine jewelry
  • Explaining clearly proper fine jewelry care
  • Sharing the value of ethical fashion and ethical jewelry
  • Creating insightful and aspirational content for our ethically-minded customers that helps us to grow our message beyond just our product


  • Show real examples of our ethical business practices and how and where our products are made and by who?
  • Provide funds to the communities of workers who create our products and continue to sponsor education scholarships, family and community events for our workers
  • Sourcing our materials only from conflict-free areas and materials
  • Being transparent in how we conduct our business and open to positive changes


  • Sourcing from certified recycled silver not mines
  • Avoiding the use of chemicals, lead or toxic ingredients in our process
  • Recycling silver within our supply chain
  • Committing ourselves to a 5-year benchmark for positive environmental and sustainable improvements
  • Omitting the use of disposable items in our supply chain
  • Committing ourselves to green, materials for our offices
  • Reducing the use of electricity in our offices
  • Encouraging the use of public transport, carpooling and flexibility for our workers to work from home



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