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3 Things You Must Know: From a Jewelry Expert (Part 1)

3 Things You Must Know: From a Jewelry Expert (Part 1)

Introduction & Boma's Background

Before we jump into this topic, I wanted to do a quick introduction and give some more insight on Boma Jewelry's background. Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Suzanne from Boma in Seattle, a company that my family started in 1981. Since I was young, I've grown up in the jewelry world.

I've unlocked a few secrets too valuable not to share—three secrets, to be precise, that you won't hear from other jewelry brands.

What makes us different? We're not your average jewelry company. Boma started as the trusted jewelry maker to giants like Nordstrom and Blue Nile. Being behind the scenes and obsessed with quality and sustainability for over 40 years makes us experts in what we do. When you come to Boma directly, we’re passing this efficiency to you and we believe that you won’t find higher quality, sustainable and ethical jewelry that’s also so affordable. 

(Above: The Boma founders in their home office in Seattle in 1981, our first factory built in 1985, and the Boma team at a trade show in New York city in the 90's).

Here's the thing: as an expert in the jewelry world, I know that buying jewelry can be confusing and sustainability claims are ambiguous. This often leads to overpriced pieces of disappointing quality. This doesn’t sit right with me. So, I'm here to let you in on the 3 secrets I learned from my parents, that I now share with my children, aiming to give you the upper hand. Let's start...

#1 Thing to Know About Jewelry


What is Fine Jewelry?

Let's begin by defining what fine jewelry is. Fine jewelry is made from rare, precious metals. There are just 4 precious metals. We've created a handy acronym to help you remember the 4:

What are the 4 Precious Metals?

  • S for Silver
  • G for Gold
  • P for Palladium
  • P for Platinum
🔍 Hallmarks: Jewelers identify silver, gold, palladium, and platinum by their hallmarks and markings. Maybe you've seen "925"or "18k" on jewelry pieces, but weren't sure what it represented.
The chart below outlines what these markings mean:

Discover 925 Sterling Silver

💪 Pro Tip: Among the 4 precious metals, silver is the most affordable, and is a great choice to wear everyday. Keep an eye out for the "925" or "Sterling Silver" hallmark, indicating genuine silver.

🟡 Wear Gold? Look for "Gold Vermeil" or "Gold Plated over Sterling Silver" marks. These options are more affordable than solid gold and still count as fine jewelry.

Stay tuned for the next secret. It's a good one and you won't want to miss it.


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Learn more about our approach to sustainability.

Boma's Story

Boma Jewelry is a family-owned company originally founded in Seattle in 1981.


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