Why it matters that we own our factory

We're always curious and learning from the industry leaders. In reading Patagonia's 2018 Social and Environmental Initiatives Book the section on fair wages, the following is quoted:

Quality comes from Sustainable Wages and Long-Term Career Support

The founders of Boma decided to build their factory over 35 years ago in order to ensure that the full-time workers working in their supply chain created the highest-quality product. In order to do so it meant that we needed to invest, protect and support the wages and benefits for the skilled workers making our products everyday. For us living wages involves a wage that is sufficient to cover the basic necessities of life for our workers and their families. This includes food, water, housing, health care, education, clothing, transportation, child care and other essential needs, along with provision for unexpected events.

How do we calculate a Living Wage?

We currently use the Fair Labor standards for Thailand to calculate living wages for workers who live in Bangkok, Thailand.



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