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April 22, 2020

 Dear Friends,

I’m so grateful that you’ve found us and we have a moment of your precious time to share our unique company story. Boma Jewelry was founded by my parents, Boon and Chieko in 1981 in Seattle, Washington. As the company grew and became a trusted source for large retailers such as Nordstrom, American Eagle and Target, they dedicated their resources to build their own factory in my Dad’s native country of Thailand.

Today I am blessed to continue our family’s heritage of a truly lasting and sustainable company while doubling down on our ethical and sustainable commitments to all our workers. Today at Boma, we’re focused on how we can use our business and infrastructure as a force for good. Our vision is to be a company that is B-corp aligned and looks at people, planet and profits. We’re actively looking for partners who share our vision and excitement for contributing to the solution not the problem.

What we're doing today:

- our products are sold in 1,000 stores across the United States

- we are active members of the American Sustainable Business Council, The Sustainable Fashion Alliance and The Forbes Business Council

- in process of B-Corp certification

- in process to switch our factory to renewable energies (2021)

- signed on to be carbon neutral by 2025

Suzanne Vetillart CEO



  • We aim to be the respected leader of accessible, ethically-made fine jewelry in the United States of America and beyond.

  • By leading with transparency and sustainability with heart we focus on the people behind our products. Through our ownership of our supply chain we provide traceability that connects our customers directly with the source of the precious materials we use.

  • Through our 40 year heritage and 2020 Environmental Management Systems we highlight the importance of Circularity by focusing on: high-quality, repair and reuse, secondhand and vintage, and recycled materials and demonstrate how our products have circled continually over decades.

  • Through our 2020 Zero Waste project, we highlight our process to up-cycle, reissue and reuse dead-stock materials that we’ve accumulated over the last 40 years.

  • With storytelling that’s designed to be communicated for everyone, we aim to show the generosity and good will that businesses can achieve while continuing to serve all stakeholders including people and planet.

  • By realizing success, we aim to positively influence our industry to adopt transparency, traceability and high standards for the supply chains in the East who make the products we use everyday.



We exist to be an example of generosity, love and long-term commitment to people and planet. Everyday we work to execute our vision and mission on behalf of all of our stakeholders. 

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to being social and environmental stewards of our planet and will continually look for improvements in our processes to lessen our environmental impact while supporting our workers and the communities we live in.

  • Positive Social Impact: We are committed to continuing our support for women, refugees and non-english speaking new immigrants to the United States of America. 

  • Environmental Impact: We are committed to looking at the full process of our supply chain to look at ways we can continually improve and lessen our environmental impact. From using recycled silver to working with our factories to switch to renewable energies, our commitment is to look at big and small areas of impact.

  • Girl’s Education: We are committed to supporting communities of need and identifying relevant ways of charitable giving especially through partnerships with our manufacturer overseas.



On Christmas day in 1992, the stakeholders of Boma wrote the company objectives in a file titled “Boma Jewelry Company Objectives”. In many ways this document written over 28 years ago demonstrates the lasting vision, mission and values that our company has adopted while demonstrating the ways our company is evolving in sharing our vision, mission and values in 2020.









THE BOMA GIRL FUND The Boma Girl Fund was created in 2016 to formally donate funds to programs created specifically for the workers and families and communities of the artisans and craftspeople who make our jewelry each day. Originally it was intended as a fund exclusively for girls and women but has grown to be inclusive of all children, spouses and extended family members.

HOW IT WORKS Each year Boma commits annual funds for programs that include: education scholarships, book drives, family and community events and wellness activities for workers. Since its inception, Boma has a goal to increase funds year over year by 15%.


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