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Our Heroes are Human: What makes a great company is its people and their actions and stories.

Many of our workers have been dedicated to our company for decades. We want to share with you their stories and the ways we are all collectively working together to be a force for good.

How We're Using our Resources to Help those in Need

We're fortunate to own our factory and in trying times like these, we have sprung into action for those in need. For the past two weeks, the workers of our factory have been doing their part to support local hospitals in Thailand and control the spread of the Covid-19. To date, we have created 10,000 face shields that have distributed to four hospitals throughout the greater Bangkok area. In Thailand, there are currently 1,771 positive cases and 12 deaths attributed to the virus. (Source: Dept of Disease Control Thailand).

Keeping our Factory Workers Safe

A month ago, we implemented temperature checks for all employees and anyone visiting our facilities as well as require all employees to wear face masks. Recently, we have provided face shields created by our workers to everyone on property in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Boma Office Employees

We are currently requiring all employees to follow shelter-in-place recommendations. Our headquarters and shipping center is closed in order to help prevent the spread of the virus in our local community.

Read our latest Covid-19 updates here.


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